Dialogue simulations for practicing English in VR.
VARVARA is a unique dialogue simulator that offers an innovative approach to speaking practice during school hours. You can practice a foreign language in the classroom or at home. All you need to do is put on a special headset and immerse yourself in virtual reality. You can take on different roles and improve your language skills in the process of communication.
VARVARA: VR-assistant for learning English
Find yourself in an American gym. Order a burger from a fast-food restaurant. Work in a hotel. All of this is possible while physically staying in the classroom

VARVARA is an excellent tool in the hands of a teacher in the classroom. However, if your students miss a lesson, they can practice in their own time
The system collects data during the simulation and provides structured feedback on several parameters: grammatical and lexical errors, pronunciation, eye contact, speech rate, etc.

Distance learning
Ability to practice speaking without a teacher. Reduced risk of language barriers. Independent choice of topics and practice modes
New technologies make it possible to bring language teaching to a fundamentally new level: students will effortlessly master difficult topics through games and apply what they've learned in real-case scenarios

All you need to complete the simulation is a VR headset and a stable Wi-Fi connection

Easy to use
Warm up
Homework check
Presentation of a new topic
Exercises on a new topic
Conversation practice with VARVARA
There are many ways to plan a lesson with the VARVARA virtual reality simulator.
We offer the following option:
Sample Lesson
Our methodology
We focus on a modern and proven communicative approach to language learning. So, in our application, we rely on two basic principles: communication and situatedness. The student receives a variety of opportunities to practise speaking in conditions that are as close as possible to a real communicative situation. In addition to the complex of setting and objects, communicative situations factor in social roles and status of the speakers, their pragmatic, moral and ethical relationships. The simulator is designed for the basic levels of language learning (A1 - A2).
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