Testing of virtual and augmented reality software
for education

The Program studies teachers' experience using VR/AR
in the classroom in order to create a set of requirements
for developers
Become a platform for virtual and augmenter reality implementation
Offer your VR/AR solution to the Russian schools before December 31, 2020.
Choose the software of interest and apply for it on our Platform.
Participating schools
About the Testing
Digital transformation of modern education is one of the high-priority goals of the state policy of Russia. NTI Center for VR/AR promotes implementation of the newest technologies in education in an effort to make the learning process modern, meaningful and inspiring for the student, and interesting for the teacher.
The goal of the Testing is to shape a community of educators interested in using digital technology in educational processes, as well as to create a list of educational virtual and augmented reality software recommended for use in schools. It is planned that the program will kick-start the development of the market for virtual and augmented reality technologies in education.
How it works?
Developer Applications
Developers who wish to participate in the Testing can submit their applications on the official website of the project. Product demo must be attached to the application. Applications close on December 31, 2020.
Expert Committee
NTI Center specialists, the School of Pedagogy and external experts review the educational product and supporting documents. The results will be disclosed before January 16, 2020.
Educational software is included in the Platform
If step 2 was successful, educational software is included in the NTI Platform that showcases all products participating in the Testing
Crash Course for Educators
Fefu NTI Center regularly conducts webinars for educators on its platform. Guest experts talk about educational solutions, explain how the software can be incorporated in the educational process and answer questions from the audience.
Participating schools request software
School representatives select software, review equipment specifications and submit applications to download it via the Platform.
Feedback Form
Teachers conduct lessons using educational software and share their experiences.
Please be aware that applications from schools and developers are now open for Stage 2 of the Program for approbation!
Taking part in the Program?
Join our Telegram chat "VR/AR in general education" @virtualliteracy01 to get the news of the Program and ask questions.
Crash course for teachers
A series of webinars for teachers as part of the Program for approbation of educational VR/AR content.
2020-2021 Steps
September 2020
Preparation stage:
  • Collecting and evaluating applications from the companies;
  • National teacher survey;
  • Creating a list of participating schools;
  • Participant training.
October 2020 – April 2021
Approbation in schools:
Lessons with virtual and augmented reality software in schools. The Approbation will have two stages (semesters 1 and 2).
May – June 2021
  • Collection and analysis of participant opinions;
  • Disclosure of approbation results;
  • Expert committee recommendations for developers and schools.
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